Bengal Blue previously known as ‘Sheesh Mehal’ has been trading as one of Aylesbury’s most successful Indian restaurants since 2004. The restaurant can ensure that all customers whether it is a large party, couple or family can have a memorable dining experience.

Preserving standards of culinary excellence in the world of competitive grilled cuisine brings challenges and responsibilities aimed at ensuring Bengal Blue customers become true food lovers who place their value, above all else, the high quality of Indian dishes.

The owners of the restaurant Mr Harun Rashid and Mr Sayed Miah are well known within Aylesbury as they have previously owned Golden Bengal in Aylesbury town centre which has therefore built a customer portfolio. The managers are known to ensure attention to detail is central to the ethos behind Bengal Blue which applies the highest standards throughout, in order to maximise the customers’ experience. It rightly prides itself on the quality of the food and the friendly, helpful staff. The high number of regular customers speaks for itself.